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# Copyright 2022 Variscite LTD
# SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause

:platform: Unix/Yocto
:synopsis: Module with miscellaneous functions for Cortex-M.

.. moduleauthor:: Alifer Moraes <>

import os
import subprocess

from .config import *

[docs]def is_cm_enabled(): """ Check if the Cortex-M is enabled. Returns: if **enabled**, return **True** if **not**, return **not False** """ return True if os.listdir(CM_REMOTEPROC_DIR) else False
[docs]def get_module(): """ Get the SoM type. Returns: A string containing the SoM's type. """ if not os.path.exists(MACHINE): return None with open(MACHINE, 'r') as machine: module = if "var-som" in module: return "som" elif "dart-mx8" in module: return "dart" elif "spear-mx8" in module: return "spear" else: return "unknown"
[docs]def get_cm_cores(module): """ Get the number of Cortex-M cores. Returns: An integer number of cores. """ return int(_parse_cm_info(module, 'cm_cores'))
[docs]def get_cm_dtb(module): """ Get the DTB file that enables the Cortex-M. Returns: A string with the name of the DTB file. """ return _parse_cm_info(module, f'cm_dtb_{get_module()}')
def _parse_cm_info(module, field): """ Get information about the Cortex-M from the variscite-rproc.conf file. Args: module (str): the SoM type; field (str): a field of the variscite-rproc.conf file; Returns: A string with the required field value. """ if not module or not os.path.isfile(CM_CONF_FILE): return None with open(CM_CONF_FILE, 'r') as f: for line in f.readlines(): if field in line.lower(): val = line.strip().split('=').pop() return val.replace('\"', '') def _firmware_check(file): """ Check if a file is a valid Cortex-M firmware. Args: file (str): path to the file; Returns: if **is valid**, return **True** if **not**, return **not False** """ out =['file', '-b', file], capture_output=True) out = out.stdout.decode().strip().lower() return "arm, eabi" in out
[docs]def list_firmwares(): """ List all the valid Cortex-M firmwares under the firmware directory. Returns: A list containing the valid firmwares """ firmwares_list = [] if os.path.isdir(CM_FIRMWARE_DIR): for file in os.listdir(CM_FIRMWARE_DIR): if _firmware_check(os.path.join(CM_FIRMWARE_DIR, file)): firmwares_list.append(file) return firmwares_list